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ADOOC: Asynchronuous Distributed Object Oriented Computing
Title Keywords
ADOOC: Asynchronuous Distributed Object Oriented Computing Grid computing, web operating system (WOS), high performance computing
Framework Staff
This project is funded by the FNRS (project # 2100-055809.98/1). Duration: 1.4.99-30.11.2000 Dr. Pierre Kuonen (team leader), Dr Nabil Abdennadher
Current tools available for high performance computing require that all the computing nodes used in a parallel execution be known in advance: the execution environment must know where the different ``chunks'' of programs will be executed, and each computer involved in the execution must be properly configured. This work describes how the Web Operating System (WOS) environment can be used to dynamically adjust the granularity of the parallel program, locate available computers to perform such computations and dynamically configure them. Communication between WOS nodes is realized through a generic service protocol and a simple discovery/location protocol. The service protocol may be versioned to support specialized services. In the present research, we focus on the design of such a version for High Performance computing. This version essentially locates nodes able to execute HP applications, identifies nodes available for participating in the parallel execution, and sets up the execution environment on the dynamically selected set of nodes. The size of the parallel processes (granularity) is automatically adjusted regarding the execution context (hardware, software, workload, etc.).
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