Publications of the project

Keywords Researchers
Parallel architectures, high performance computing, commodity computing.. Dr. Pierre Kuonen (team leader), Frederic Gobry, Tuan Anh Nguyen.
Project period Funding Agency
June1998 - June 2000 This project is funded by the CTI (project # 3913.1 and 4732.1).
This project aims at the feasibility demonstration of a Swiss one Tflop/s scalable parallel supercomputer for 2000 at affordable cost. These machines will be constructed with commodity parts available from the market, in hardware (PC or workstation boards including processors, memory, disks, interconnects) and software (operating system, compilers, libraries). The machine will consist of a certain number of nodes connected with a K-Ring topology. Each node consists of few boards (typically from 4 to 8) connected with a full crossbar. The low latency, high bandwidth communication protocol is based on an original zero copy remote write concept (namely TNet) developed at the small-size high-tech Swiss company SCS AG located in Zürich . The Swiss-Tx supercomputer will be the "long arm" of a PC or of a workstation with the same board architecture and the same operating system.

Our proposal enables to penetrate rapidly the market, strongly reduces the risks by not developing hardware and software that already exist. The commodity computing makes Swiss-Tx robust and at affordable price.

The Swiss-Tx CTI project has successfully finished at the end of September 2000. The project achieved the goal to build a Swiss-made parallel commodity cluster computer that can productively run in a computing center. The Swiss-T1 machine has been accepted by the EPFL on July 2000 and was inaugurated on August 23rd 2000.
Final CTI Swiss-Tx Project Report, June 2001.
Kuonen P. and Gruber R., Parallel computer architectures for commodity computing and the Swiss-T1 machine, EPFL-Supercomputing Review No.11, pp. 3-11, November 1999.
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